Web API access

by kristijn 18. February 2013 04:41

Finally, we’ve enabled the Web API access, which could be used to simplify access to our currency rates API service from JavaScript or anything else.

Consider the following URL:


This simple URL contains 6 parts:

  1. Path to conversion service, which is mondor.org/convert
  2. Your access key
  3. Base currency
  4. Target currency
  5. Amount of base currency to convert (OPTIONAL, default is 1)
  6. Date of conversion rate (OPTIONAL, default is today, format is DDMMYYYY)

You can also use the HTTPS instead of HTTP, so that your connection would be protected by 2048 bit SSL. In that case your query would look like


(in this example we are querying the current rate for 1 unit of EUR).



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